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Air Conditioning and Heating

Auto Air Conditioning

Superior Auto Air Conditioning and Heating Services

You deserve a heating or AC system that keeps you comfortable and makes driving more pleasant during all the seasons. We are experienced in fixing the AC systems of foreign and domestic vehicles. 
  • Visual inspection
  • Belt and hose replacement
  • Water pump and radiator diagnostics
  • Pressure tests to find leaks
  • Top-off coolant levels

Travel Comfortably in Your Vehicle 

Our coolant flush protects your AC system against damage. It removes residue such as sludge and rust particles that can eventually necessitate total system replacement. To keep your heating and cooling system running efficiently, we provide: 
  • Visual inspection of fluid levels
  • Inspection of all hoses and housing tanks
  • Safe coolant and fluid removal
  • Full radiator flush
  • Environmentally friendly fluid recycling
  • Coolant replacement
Increased vehicle comfort starts with your AC and heater system. Regardless of the weather outside, you can keep the temperature in your vehicle at an optimal level. Visit us today.

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At Joe's Automotive Service, we provide FREE estimates on auto air conditioning repairs.

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